Pesticide Poisoning, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Lyme, Neurological, Mold (Mycotoxin), MS, Metabolic Syndrome & All Manner of Environmental & Legal (System) Assaults Upon Human Health.



By Murray Thompson (BAppSci Environmental Health 1998; Hons I Social Ecology 1999, University of Western Sydney)


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The widespread ‘scientific’ addiction to pesticides sees organophosphate [OP] insecticide exposure in children occurring in relation to the consumption of many kinds of common foods, e.g. popcorn and various fruits. 80,000 US government laboratory tests show that the average one-year-old could obtain a dangerous dose of neurotoxic pesticides from the consumption of just a few bites of tainted foods. It is likely that exposure to these substances is now eliciting flu-like symptoms of neurotoxemia among children, inc. irritability/headaches/nausea (Nexus 1999:7).

Note here: How many doctors would pick this up, that is, would KNOW that the child was in fact POISONED? How many PARENTS would understand this? Therefore, HOW MANY CASES OF PESTICIDE POISONING GO UNREPORTED, because pesticide poisoning mimics common flu symptoms! This is why pesticide poisoning is a modern, chemically-induced PANDEMIC.

Further, long-term, combinations of OPs (related to nerve gases like Sarin) may be producing impairments of intelligence and brain damage (Environmental Working Group 1998a:i).

In Europe, a number of new studies have determined that rainwater is contaminated with toxic levels of atrazine, alachlor and 2-4-dinitrophenol. These crop sprays have likely evaporated from fields and incorporated into clouds. This means that the first rain from a storm can contain well over the limit set by the EU and Switzerland (100 nanograms for any pesticide/L of water). Swedish researchers have linked Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to several commonly used pesticides. This cancer is increasing in the Western world extremely rapidly. Another study showed that Swedish sufferers were significantly more likely to have been exposed to MCPA (“Target”), fungicides and glyphosate (“Round-Up”) (Nexus 1999:7).

It’s not just pesticides either. Toxicity problems with agriculture extend to toxic fertilizers. The Environmental Law Foundation filed a lawsuit against Ironite Products fertilizer company, charging them with selling toxic home fertilizer containing contaminants. The company was also charged with false advertising in promoting their products as human/environment safe. The fertilizer “Ironite” is made from the residue of a nominated Superfund site and contains arsenic, lead & carcinogenic heavy metals which can cause reproductive damage (Environmental Law Foundation 2002). This is because these chemicals are endocrine disruptors.

It’s not hard to overview and clarify basic toxicological and then philosophical schematics and conclusions in terms of all the toxic confusion of: the rivers we turn into open sewers, the air we turn into large Holocaust gas chambers, the land we waste with oil pollution, pesticides and mining residues, and the homes we flood with insecticide “bombs” and chemical barrier termiticide treatments (http://indiegogo.com/poisoned-people).

The huge meteorological-, geo- and marine-chemical buffer systems of the World that are now buckling against the onslaught of decades of persistent attack from industry, are all demonstrating morbid environmental/ecological reactions and symptoms in parallel with our own fragile, toxicantly-assaulted and chemically-trespassed bodies and increasingly chemically and hormonally disturbed minds. This represents a vast, “intelligent”, dark and generationally persistent all-out attack on all fronts, and is, therefore, an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT leveraged beyond our puny power and immediate understanding and experience.

The hologram of our Universe is massive (which our holographic brains interpret locally and mathematically as physical and solid), and yet it is positioned as a tiny speck upon a largely invisible metaphysical/spiritual/non-physical ETHICAL BACKGROUND that antedates all and founds all. This background motivates all the Universe we see, the parallel universes we do not see, our entire geological history and thrust of what we imperfectly perceive as evolutionary development, the meaning of our short and difficult lives, and the massive potential that has always drawn on further beyond immediate corporeal existence as a factor of the Human Spirit (a genuine immortal core feature) combined with all that we are blinded to in terms of the essential introductory experiential imperatives of an utterly immersive life of pain, imperfection and outright EVIL. As with the twitching of a finger is our entire Universe instructed moment-by-moment to carefully run its ancient, spiritually backgrounded story (that we can barely perceive even just a scrap of), a monumentally huge chronicle laid in waiting for full disclosure, later. And that ‘twitching’ also embalms us, inside-out, with a future of possibilities that we cannot imagine.

All atoms in the Universe communicate directly with each other, instantaneously. And the future is connected to the past, and each sees the other and the present smaller-than-millisecond ‘moment’-by- smaller-than-millisecond ‘moment’. We are part of a hologram, a program and picture that INVISIBLY creates the most remarkable creation of all out of a visible Universe. What we immediately sense of this visible Universe is cruel, brutal and even mundane. It might even be thought of as tiny, worthless and pointless. Yet this initial and blighted experience of sentience is a “seed” within the vast holographic program drawing upon those experiences and human determinations.

What are your determinations of this, your life? Within your realm of experience, be it as a Neanderthal, one of the aboriginal Khoikhoi people of South Africa, an ancient Egyptian, or an inhabitant of the New world with two cars, you have briefly intersected sentience as a seed within a vast story that demands ethical immersion and determination. Do you perceive good and bad? Do you know the worth of love and character? If so, then you can carry that into stage 2 of the great holographic agenda. Even without life beyond the womb, you — as an embryo or fetus and as one carrying that Human Spirit — are still a seed that automatically has future opportunity and seamless purpose factored into a future exposition. That exposition is situated on a continuum connected at all points. All who have lived cannot become anything else but real again, alive again, and individual again, and yet knowing much more and being much better, carrying all those ethical determinations of a genuine sentience and all the freely advanced knowledge of our ethical ‘soup’ related perfectly and generously even to an aborted life not lived, into a new existence that flourishes in an enhanced and perfect (programmed and continuum-expected) environment from all those seeds into that connected, atom-by-atom and spiritual-purpose-in-reserve to greater spiritual purpose renewed/reanimated/resurrected life lying just ahead.

The continuum exists as it has for millions of years, and it will generate its effects. Time advances inside a certainty.

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Environmental Law Foundation 2002 [Online]. “Ironite Sued for Toxics in Fertilizer and False Advertising: Company promotes popular home fertilizer containing lead, arsenic as “environmentally safe”; http://www.envirolaw.org/poison.html, accessed: 27 Jan. 2008.

Environmental Working Group 1998a [Online: html pdf document]. “Overexposed”, Environmental Working Group, 1718 Connecticut Avenue (http://ewg.org/pub/home/reports/.html), N.W. Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20009, District of Columbia, Maryland USA.

Nexus 1999, ‘Pesticides & Herbicides are Poisoning Europe’, Nexus – New Times, Vol 6, No 4 (June – July), Ed Duncan M. Roads, Nexus Magazine Pty Ltd, PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia.


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