Pesticide Poisoning, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Lyme, Neurological, Mold (Mycotoxin), MS, Metabolic Syndrome & All Manner of Environmental & Legal (System) Assaults Upon Human Health.


THE 3 MODES/PHASES OF EXPRESSION OF GUILTY INJURERS WHEN JUSTIFYING THEIR NEGLIGENCE AND REPUDIATING YOUR INJURIES (pesticide poisoning and toxic insult, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), chemical intolerance, chemical poisoning, toxic shock, Lupus, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance), solvent-induced short-term memory problems, neurodegenerative disorders, ADHD, lymphoma, ME, birth defects, etc.)

By Murray Thompson (BAppSci Environmental Health 1998; Hons I Social Ecology 1999, University of Western Sydney)


Essay URL:  https://poisonedpeople1.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/chemical-pesticide-diffusion-through-concrete
Short link:  http://wp.me/p2DVqC-2M

1. Silence: ignoring your complaints.
2. Ridicule: saying the pesticide application or other procedure was done according to “Australian Standards” or law, so you couldn’t have possibly been injured. Your perceptions are entirely mistaken: this is the start of the implication that you’re a miscreant and a liar, have ulterior and impure motives, and are “picking on” the corporate body in question.
3. Attack: the total repudiation of every aspect of your character, with moves toward trying to elicit a suicide response in you. Further, the potential always exists within this institutionalized and aberrant thought framework for actual attempts on the injury victim’s life in order to silence them without getting their hands dirty = basically getting someone else to do the deed for them, ‘legally’, ‘accidentally’.

I think the “Attack” stage of, especially, intellectually degenerate corporate thought (including legal thought) is where the guilty party’s thinking has, over time, turned full circle and they are then willfully corrupting themselves. Intention means willful authorship. This is where they become utterly OCD’d on self justification and self protection. They cannot be corrected and they literally cannot stop (unless a higher power with higher character or even more obsessive motivations steps in). That’s when they collude, in a kind of organised “mass-effect”, to character assassinate, or to hurt or ‘destroy’/ruin on some valued level, or even to actually murder (this level of response is, granted, unusual but certainly not unknown). This response progression or framework is typical of many political processes, and is a pathologically persistent, even immortal characteristic of, especially, corporate Human Nature.

See: http://indiegogo.com/poisoned-people

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