Pesticide Poisoning, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Lyme, Neurological, Mold (Mycotoxin), MS, Metabolic Syndrome & All Manner of Environmental & Legal (System) Assaults Upon Human Health.


By Murray Thompson (BAppSci Environmental Health 1998; Hons I Social Ecology 1999, University of Western Sydney)

Essay URL:  https://poisonedpeople1.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/degenerate-western-legal-systems-worldwide-are-cashing-in-on-peoples-pain/
Short link:  http://wp.me/p2DVqC-35

Western legal systems worldwide are cashing in on peoples’ pain because they’ve been mistakenly made COMMERCIAL. Legal systems have been set up as BUSINESSES where company reputations ride on wins and losses. As such, the legal dynamic — thus perversely founded — focuses on playing the duel legal games of:
1. “we can litigate better than you” (or, “we’ve got more experts for the trial than you”) and
2. taking in revenue.

Western legal systems have become corrupted. They are Big business, and they inspire too much litigation which pits people against each other, while draining their bank accounts. The legal process takes too much funding to feed, and the litigation process itself takes too long, and this becomes abusive. As such, and given their favoring of the chemically negligent over the little people of the chemically-injured majority, the legal systems of this world are and have become negligent themselves: negligent of duty of Care, of the Precautionary Principle, of Disability Discrimination and Human Rights. They waste time, lives and bank accounts. They are, therefore, destructive and form a major portion of the degenerate internal dynamic of any civilization in decline. Note:

“History shows that degeneration of the criminal justice system contributes greatly to the downfall of states, and is a sign of rot within a political system” (Aulich 2006).

And then there are the trials themselves: “We can’t avoid the fact that the adversary system of jury trial does make justice a game, in which sometimes the worst team wins, because it has a dream team of lawyers, or because there’s something gone wrong in the jury room, or because the judge is biased” (Geoffrey Robertson QC, 1998).

A base problem is that LAWS have been configured and the legal systems themselves have been “stitched up” such that the LAW allows unscrupulous ‘legals’ to constantly impose fees throughout the legal process. Thus, you have to PAY for a monied form of justice. Everywhere you look, legals of one variety or another are appearing within legal structures, and processes are being constantly padded out to feather lots of tiny little nests and some really big nests. It’s a big, dirty, perverse, couriered and sub-contracted BUSINESS.

See: http://indiegogo.com/poisoned-people for details on a specific case of pesticide/solvent poisoning. See also http://poisoningandlegalaction.com.au/essays/essay2-legal-process-abuse.pdf for an Essay on that poisoning injury further ‘enhanced’ by an abusive legal process.

See also: http://www.change.org/profiles/poisoned-people, http://www.communityrun.org/p/poisoned-people and http://indiegogo.com/the-good-samaritan for a plea to legal systems to stop favoring big business and government AGAINST and CONTRARY to public health imperatives and interests.


Aulich, S. [Graduate of the Lazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw (Master of Laws) and the George Washington University Law School (LL.M.)] 2006 [online]. THE CORROSION OF THE AMERICAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, in The Europen Courier, September 23, 2006. Source: http://europeancourier.org/CriminalJustice_9_23_06.htm; accessed:
25th April 2010.

Robertson, G. QC, 1998 [online]. Radio National transcripts: “Adventuring Advocates of the Adversarial System” in The
Law Report, Tuesday 31 March 1998. Source: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/8.30/lawrpt/lstories/lr980331.htm
Accessed: 14th April 2010.

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