Pesticide Poisoning, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Lyme, Neurological, Mold (Mycotoxin), MS, Metabolic Syndrome & All Manner of Environmental & Legal (System) Assaults Upon Human Health.


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By Murray Thompson (BAppSci Environmental Health [Distinction] 1998; First Class Honors Social Ecology 1999; PhD studies in Sociology 2000 to 2012; University of Western Sydney [Monsanto-critical thesis rejected for examination by University a few months after forming a relationship with the ag giant…])



1.  “Trans”, meaning: Across, beyond, or into another state or place.  And so to “Transgender”…

In terms of the critical and expected assignment of gender in humans we are, in this Essay, therefore looking at those who identify as transgender as claiming to have an internal psychological gender that is away from, or across from, or opposite to, their biologically assigned physical sex. That is, a male mind inside a female body, or a female mind inside a male body.

Now, before we get all complex (sociological and toxicological), let’s drill down to some seeming simplicity.  And what ARE we as animals, as humans?  We are CHEMICALS (and we are also so much more of course…).  And our bodily chemicals are influenced by “unnatural” chemicals: the pollutants that industry has forced upon us all (and which we have accepted, in large part, without a useful understanding of Toxicology).

This Essay, therefore, deals with a great many chemical notions, and how Transgender might be a chemical issue.  But, being human and also being “so much more…”, our chemicals are enmeshed inside a great many sociological, political and religious machinations.  And I must admit to being incensed at a presumptuous and ignorant society, and particularly religion, when it comes to being critical of Transgendered people; of jumping, almost automatically it seems, into a “anything-sexually-unusual-can-only-be-perverse-and-insane” state of that aforementioned presumption.

2.  Note that the bulk of this Essay has been formatted around a number of essay websites and forums I contribute to.  Some sites are religious.  Here, it appears, the whole notion of Transgender is automatically deemed to be almost a heinous “sin” at worst, and the subject matter – almost its very conceptual basis, and most certainly those who claim to be Trans – are thereby seen as worthy of severe criticism by the religious many claiming to speak (and conceive, and prescribe, and proscribe, and BE) on the authority of God (such lofty expectations; such inflationary and inflammatory concepts…).

While I have something of a religious background, I do not present as religious and I do not participate in any form of communal religious gathering (I am psychologically-sensitive to potential cult environments…).  I do not have a fond regard for either Court or political interference in Trans issues, or that insubstantial, self righteous and combative religiosity that is so often on display when the discussion turns to the presumed “disgusting” and “perverted”: SEX and GENDER.  I do, though, most certainly and quietly, appreciate the much more flexible sensibility and inventive breadth of the metaphysical Source and background that I personally believe formats all things (including the Quantum realm, but that’s another story…).

And don’t worry, we’ll soon be getting back to those all-important CHEMICALS…

A further comment on the religious righteous psyche disorder (whoa, I’ve put my foot in it now!) as some extra background to the above.  This disorder is the form of hyper-vigilant religious fascism that is enamored with blustering and whining against the presumed intrinsic GREAT SINS, those being sex, gender and all manner of normal vices for a confused, desperate and brutalized humanity on so many levels. This religious fascism and oversight, and its concomitant demand for an ignorant and permanent rant against, especially, Trans issues, is therefore – by virtue of its uneducated and irrational stance and the spectrums upon which our difficult human existence jitters, jumps, slides and wavers – overtly at war with nearly everyone!  So be careful; they’re watching you!

This self-aggrandizing hyper-vigilance constantly formulates cruel theoretical fixes for “deviants” that verge on the fascist and sub-genocidal in intent and portent.  This negative vigilance anticipates and pontificates a certainty of judgement and wrath against all the perceived grossly imperfect in the world, all the while shallowly boasting spiritual and moral high ground notions of “God’s wrath”, “Christ-likeness”, and other quite abysmally sickly religious concepts that tend to pretentiously glimmer off what is really only a weak and glossy appearance of superficial righteousness  This is a bleating and quite nasty foolishness that always fails to examine its own core excesses and gross, unseen deficiencies (like: h-a-t-e).

So… quickly (so we can get back into all the fun stuff), my sociological, environmental and religious intellectual concerns today lie mainly with the current widespread compromise of scientific, spiritual and political character, thought and action.



Negative impacts against Environmental Health (industrial pollution of our air, food and water, pharmacological pollution from toxic medications, chemical pollution of our food via pesticides and processing additives, and psychological trauma) and human sexual development are linked very dynamically at the epigenetic level. These factors, in the form of hormonal insults, contribute to the formation of Transgender individuals.

I do not pretend to be an expert in LGBTIQ issues (see the following for definitions: http://www.bouldercounty.org/family/lgbtiq/pages/oasosdefinitions.aspx). Nevertheless, my expertise in Environmental Health, in which I have a Degree in Applied Science, has afforded me what I believe to be a reasonable way to approach aspects of causation: a fairly obvious, logical and scientific means by which to examine and understand, especially, the Transgender issue, and hopefully other potentially related issues. While this might sound relatively simple, and toxicologically and physiologically speaking it is amazingly straightforward from this perspective, nothing in this world of hidden and spiky (and too often, tragic) industrial and sociological mechanics is entirely THAT simple.

I have gradually come to see how Environmental Health, industrial pollution, food pollution (deficient nutrition/growth and food additives), pharmacological pollution (prescription and non-prescription medications, and hormonal and other contamination of meat products) and human development are linked very dynamically. However, my initial study of the Trans issue essentially started from a sociological perspective, an area in which I have done nearly 12 years of on/off PhD research.  What I have noted, time and again, is that when you study totalitarianism, the subject leads into a vast arena of human behavior, both corporate and personal.  And when one witnesses a personal kind of ignorance combined with heartlessness in which an individual generates heavy criticism of, say, a mother doing her best rearing her Trans child, one will always see the seeds of potentially greater group fascism that could spring from many more people and governments taking on the same kind of criticism.  Very disturbing.

So criticism that appears to arise out of a complete lack of understanding of the science behind the issue needs to be addressed when individuals express it.

Good quality research that clearly delineates the nature of problems can assist in remedying ignorance. The great potential of enlightenment and compassion can then grow out of that understanding. I have included some brilliant and very recent sociological research findings, and also much older toxicological research findings in this essay to define aspects of the overall nature of Transgender.



A woman and mother posted an article describing her battle with the Transgender issue in her own family.  The reader in question who found the woman’s article offensive made a critical comment or reply to the article.  Please read the following WordPress article and note the critical reply:
https://gendermom.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/my-penis-girl/ (gendermom 2013).

The comment reads as: “Quite disgusting. gendermom is a nutcase at best.” I posted a Reply, but that may not have been accepted by the WordPress website.  Here, following, is an expanded and improved version of what I originally posted in May and then also in June 2016:

The level of insult and aggression in your response obviously means that you’re really unhappy with this particular parenting situation.  If you are not happy, then what would be an improvement in your eyes?  Would you like to see society somehow disinfected of nutcases since you imply that, at worst, gendermom could be a really bad person?

What would you recommend: incarceration of the mother in a psychiatric ward; or perhaps the child should be taken from its mother and placed elsewhere?  Should the child be medicated?  Where does your aggression lead to in terms of fixing such a ‘problem’?  Would you put a mother through the technical fix horror of a child services type of nightmare in order to gain some notion of satisfaction that you carry with you?  You really did imply she might not be worthy of having a child in her care! Your opinion leads horrendously in that direction.  Is your demand for your kind of satisfaction or, by extension, for a larger sociologically and clinically desirable regime of only-normal-parenting-allowed, based on replicable clinical evidence and genuine understanding of proven truth?  Or, should YOU be medicated for being so oddly angry over an issue you know little about?  Or, again, are you actually OK with leaving the child with the mother, but you reserve the right to call her names?

Did you really need to post such a blunt and disparaging insult regarding a woman bravely addressing an extremely difficult parenting issue, and a family situation you don’t even know?

We all now certainly understand that you are righteously offended by those dealing with Transgender issues.  You appear to consider this gender question as reflective of deep psychological aberration, because you called the mother a “nutcase”, and you called her addressing of her child’s gender asynchronicity “disgusting”.  That is a very serious accusation and implication of solid guilt because you have left no room for argument.  So, will that be the way you move forward from here: continuing hurtful insults that attack and diminish every aspect of this mother’s and other Trans peoples’ being?  Would you ever try to force into being that presumption of clinical sanity (the opposite of the “disgusting” and the “nutcase”) you suppose exists and which must predominate regardless of the cost to human lives and minds?  Beware, for that presumption is FASCISM.

Allow me to point out a few truths:

1.  Parenting is never easy, and it is not easy to deal with either physical, sexual or psychological issues of either yourself or your kids, along with the dynamics the world throws at you constantly.
2.  Trans issues’ genesis and orientation are somewhat hard to source and characterize (excepting where Endocrine Disruptor poisoning makes causation a relatively straightforward toxicological rationale), and monstrously difficult to remedy.
3.  Invisible and largely untraceable toxic interferences in our childrens’ development (parents’ medications affecting sperm and ova, vaccine injury and autism, pesticide exposure and anti-social behavior, GMO “food” and digestive and immune dysfunction) add layers of incomprehension to family health and Trans sexual/psych issues.
4.  The persistent spiritual pathology of the immortal shaming and defaming of sex that has plagued this most marvelous and tragic gift from God, a shame burned into the generational nature of humans, all-too-often causes spontaneous and irrational eruptions of shame, disgust and judgement.  Politics, religion and many other arenas typically witness acute episodes of journalistic disclosure where what is automatically deemed to represent wholly inappropriate sexual activities usually sees a quick and deadly focus frame the enemy sex with repudiation and condemnation.  In this instance of the above noted gendermom article, a person has easily rushed to vent their unknowing and inculcated angst – quite unbeknownst to them in terms of this deep sexual sociology (for most people do not perceive these ancient and powerful depths) – against the enemy “sex”, and against strangers without any understanding of their targets’ personal and differentiated existence, or worthwhile appreciation of beneficial and overlapping science disciplines (e.g. toxicology and sociology) and good quality understanding in general.
5.  With the above understanding, we should be able to appreciate that poor old sex always has its odds stacked against it, and we should therefore be able to intelligently and compassionately ditch this common and stupid disgust of sex and its many and variant fractious evolvements and appearances, and leave that out of our evaluation of innocent people who have – as will shortly be shown – been viciously attacked by chemicals and/or other destructive agents.  Their heartrending injury manifestations, and their more than awkward resulting sociological and gender issues, should therefore never be dumbly written off as “disgusting”, or less noble by comparison against anything by any who deem it their perverse responsibility to be gender and moral policemen and to stand in terrible judgement.

Even though faced with so many unknowns in terms of the awkward Trans issue, understanding can still be assertively discerned via quality and unbiased research.

Please note:

The overwhelming evidence in favor of an internal gender identity that may be at odds with genetics or anatomy and that resists change has been abundantly spelled out elsewhere.  However, for those who may be new to the study of gender, I will outline some of the highlights here:

[1] Differences in brain structure between cis- and transgender, where transgender brains have been found more closely to resemble brains corresponding to their identified gender [actual brain structure can intrinsically demonstrate what the true core (mind) gender identity of the person is, while the biological and physical presentation – the physical body – can be the total opposite].

[2] Decades of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors of all varieties trying and completely failing to change gender identity [presumptuous psychological manipulation working against deep reality].

[3] Experience with people whose bodies were altered in infancy unbeknownst to them but who clung to the gender identity associated with the body sex they were born with [presumptuous biological/physical manipulation working against deep reality].

[4] “Research showing that certain drugs taken during pregnancy appear to increase the chance of the offspring being transgender, even if the offspring is not aware that drug was used [powerful evidence that metabolic/physiological chemical/drug poisoning/contamination interferes catastrophically with human sexual development] (Chase 2016; my additional comments in []).



The reader’s critical comment in question relating to the Trans issue (which may have been regarding an article on “Biological Subjectivism”), was previously listed relating to an article on this web page:
https://share.naturalnews.com/stream. However, the trans article, the reader’s criticism and my response to that criticism all appear to have been deleted. My posted Reply, was (with identifying details omitted, and described as: xxx):

No [xxx], you are applying a religious type of intolerance to your notion that all human sexual issues are purely psychological, that these kinds of “trans” people are inherently and deeply wrong (or, worse, sinful or evil and deserving of some kind of spiritual punishment), and that anyone or any government or organisation that supports them is wrong. That is not true.

As I’ve stated, this world is under attack from toxic chemicals, and the Endocrine Disruptor type of chemicals attack a person’s sexuality and internal identity as the embryo develops (and potentially even before that).  You cannot be dismissive of, or vindictive towards, people who have had their very core being attacked as an embryo by industrial pollution.  A negative attitude toward such victims of industrialization could push a harassed trans individual a step closer to suicide, and would you then want to find out that your lack of support or compassion, or your open antagonism was responsible for the breaking of the last vestige of courageous persistence that person was personally capable of mustering?

Note that a transgender person’s life starts as a confused and innocent child living in the face of what will almost inevitably become a lifetime of snide and even intolerably vicious insults, beatings, death threats (in Brazil right now there is a genocide occurring against transgender individuals), and heartless rejections.

Don’t do this to your brothers and sisters.  We ALL have problems and issues to deal with on this truth depleted Planet, and the last thing any of us need is to be attacked by the very people who are our fellow strugglers, but who choose to wind up attacks against that which they do not fully understand.




An article at: http://www.naturalnews.com/054030_subjective_biology_self-identity_political_correctness.html addressed an issue called “Biological Subjectivism”. The article was titled: “Mental illness on parade: ‘Biological subjectivism’ self-identity lunacy encourages grown men to shower with high school girls as a ‘civil right'” (Monday, May 16, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger).  My Reply (plus additional material) was:

One should not make the mistake of lumping all Transgender into the “Biological Subjectivism” classification.  That would be an error of corporate, perverse Judeo-Christian proportions where a religious bent irrationally, and all too often unconsciously, tends to presumptuously shame unorthodox sexuality on all levels.  This is an extension of the more diffuse and abstract sexual shame that has generationally followed mankind, a persistently demonically maligned, shamed and defamed greatest gift ever given to humanity.  Fall into this trap, and you are working on behalf of the enemy whose main job description is Maximum Conflict. Transgender(ism) is largely a result of the sins of Big Industry and its global polluting stranglehold on this beleaguered Planet.  We are a Planet in extremis, literally poisoned out of our minds. It is ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR CHEMICALS that are interfering with hormonal and biological development in animal and human populations:

“Pesticides cause gender change” (http://www.gendercentre.org.au/resources/polare-archive/archived-articles/pesticides-cause-gender-change.htm).

“Pollutants may also be causing gender ambiguity in humans” (http://www.theecologist.org/investigations/health/269536/chchchanges.html).

“Despite popular opinion and negative media portrayals which disparage transgendered people as being “mentally ill” or making “lifestyle choices,” an increasing amount of evidence is surfacing which is linking the proliferation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) to variations in gender identity and sexual orientation (http://wafreepress.org/56/EndocrineDisruptors.htm).

Let us put the blame largely where it belongs: TOXIC CHEMICAL POLLUTION, and the industries (like Big Tobacco and Monsanto) that have known for DECADES just how poisonous their wares are.

Therefore, toxicologically and developmentally speaking, INDUSTRY is to blame for many asynchronous and other departures from the norm. It is toxic industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals – perhaps more specifically the ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR chemicals that we are currently aware of – that are largely at fault for disrupting the normal development of the embryo.  Unless, of course, we actually know very little about these endocrine disruptors, meaning that vast unknown synergies of toxic chemical compounds are likely responsible for most gender and other issues, leaving us and our children with a great many more unpleasant discoveries yet to muddle through.

What we need now is worldwide education that recognizes the tragic nature and origins of asynchronous gender problems, and a parallel recognition that must reign in at least one out of the two main known causes: the abusive pollution that industry splatters all around in their perennial quest for more profits from the sale of chemically engineered trinkets.  Having stockholders in businesses is something that has to GO.  Their collective demand for profit motivates industry to pump out repeat purchase items that ensure a constant flow of toxic chemicals into the worldwide environment.  Everything is connected.  Stockholders that have transgender children might not see this connection though, this being the way this world – programmed for permanent conflict as it is – tends to HIDE how one issue melds into 50 other issues.  It is a spider’s web of conundrums, fueled pervasively by the ongoing criminality of industry’s chemical treason against this entire Planet.


Below, I list another Reply of mine to criticisms levelled at trans people (with editing for improvement) under the website article listed under 3.0 above:

Transgendered people aren’t mentally ill. Their mind/soul/spirit or the core of what makes them mentally male or female is perfectly normal, but it does not match their biological body because Endocrine Disruptor chemicals have created an asynchronicity.  This is a matter of DEVELOPMENT.  We’re all poisoned to one degree or another physically and have various fractures running through our systems, but we can all mostly still function quite well, mentally speaking.  What ADDS to the instability of a Trans person is people accusing them of being “mentally unstable”.  This helps to predispose Trans people toward suicidal ideation because they’re being told, over and over as they grow up (as well as being insulted, bashed up, and raped, and murdered [as in Brazil – especially – right now]) that they’re “sick”.

If you are immersed in negativity it will affect your mind adversely.  That’s one of the prominent reasons why lawyers who are involved in the childish and abusive adversarial system of so-called justice (where typically the Plaintiff or Complainant who might be a raped woman or a chemically poisoned individual is accused of always having been sexually promiscuous [the real implication being “whore”], or of being a liar or a faker/actor) are so prone to suicide..  Lawyers are IMMERSED in negativity.  And so, to diminish every aspect of a person’s being (especially in an adversarial setting where lying is the name of the filthy legal defend-the-well-moneyed-corporate-poisoners-or-rapist-at-all-costs game) is a devastating and terrible thing to do.  And, all too often outside of the strict legal system, that is what people do to Trans people over extended time.

I should add here further that a negative intention is actually quite a powerful dynamic.  To marginalize a group via constant criticism is to actually create a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.  At a purely psychological level, to hear that one is considered abnormal or corrupt is a poisonous reinforcement of their (assumed) lack of enlightenment and positive potential.  Beyond the purely psychological is a radionic/intentional kind of regime that actually manifests quite toxic psych and spiritual dynamics, and physical outcomes.




Below, I list yet another Reply of mine to criticisms levelled at trans people (with editing for improvement) under the website article listed under 3.0 above:

A new study shows that “gender variance in youth isn’t a phase OR A CHOICE” (Matt 2015a; my emphasis). It’s a matter of the child acting out their genuine identity, “an identity as valid and consistent… [as] those in cisgender [synchronous or typical mind/body synchrony] children” (ibid.). See also the following URL’s for information on this pivotal sociological study: http://www.ncgs.org/Pdfs/Resources/1.44.full.pdf and http://www.jwatch.org/na37578/2015/04/29/identity-gender-nonconforming-children and http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/trans.pdf.

The test tests “unconscious thinking” in children and, as such, and because children are brutally honest, gives very real results. Note:

In the recent study comparing gender variant youth with cisgender siblings and children of a similar age, the pattern of data showed that the results of the transgender children were indistinguishable from those of cisgender children, which shows that transgender youth identify with their gender in the same, consistent way as cisgender youth do. For years trans allies and advocates have been saying that being transgender is not a phase or a choice, that it is a consistent and very valid gender identity, but there is now scientific proof to show this to the rest of the world (ibid.).

Lead researcher, Kristina Olson, said:

While future studies are always needed, our results support the notion that transgender children are not confused, delayed, showing gender-atypical responding, pretending, or oppositional—they instead show responses entirely typical and expected for children with their gender identity, the data reported in this paper should serve as further evidence that transgender children do indeed exist and that this identity is a deeply held one (ibid.).


Note: https://www.susans.org/2016/02/29/transgender-kids-allowed-to-live-openly-have-good-mental-health/ (Hoogeweij 2016a); MARCH 9TH, 2016.

Note these new behavioral science research findings: “The findings challenge long-held assumptions that mental health problems in transgender children are inevitable, or even that being transgender is itself a type of mental disorder” (ibid.).

I think this demonstrates quite clearly that the ever-growing consistent theme being uncovered by research now is that transgender is a biological issue, NOT a psychological problem.  You are BORN transgender, and there is nothing you can do about it.  There is nothing to cure psychologically, and the only remediation appears to be total acceptance, and potentially Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and gender reassignment (surgery) in order to create a more comfortable fit between the industrial pollution, chemically-induced or Endocrine Disruptor-induced asynchronous body and the mind.

The mind is what is preeminent in this tragic equation of interference in human development.  The body is secondary and can be hormonally and surgically manipulated to represent the real internal core person more closely and comfortably.  It is unfortunate that hormone therapy can have some toxic side-effects, and that both HRT and surgery are so expensive.



The following essay developed out of an obvious need to address the actual science of the potentials for the generation of a trans condition, along with other related issues.


What we first need to appreciate here are some very standard basics in terms of function and malfunction occurring in a human body under stress:

When a situation has been evaluated as “stressful,” the body’s biological systems kick in, and we experience a biological response that is called “fight or flight.” The fight or flight response is controlled by two branches of our nervous system, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. When a threat or challenge is perceived, the body’s sympathetic nervous system is switched on, raising the level of two hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones cause a series of biological changes, such as increase heart rate, dilation of nostrils and bronchial tubes, raises blood pressure, increases blood flow to brain and muscles, which gear up the body to either flee from the perceived danger, or stay and fight. Once the perceived danger or challenge is no longer a threat, the body’s parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, and returns all body systems back to normal levels of functioning. However, when the body suffers a long period of chronic stress, many of the body’s functions are thrown out of whack, resulting in a depletion of the body’s resources, weakening and possible failure of the immune system, the pituitary gland can not produce enough stress hormones, and other negative health effects (Stevens 2008).

This means severe impacts via stress run very deep into the core of bodily function.

So, the damage to a human system can be very significant. What physiological dynamics could be elicited by such trauma?



Now that we understand the above noted basic stress dynamic, we can see where this can lead in terms of potential mechanisms producing deep effects.

Psyche trauma of the mother before her child’s conception and that experienced while carrying the embryo feeds into this vast Environmental and Human Health equation. Here, both the mother and child experience physiological changes. In other words: “One theory that has been gaining attention in the field of sexual orientation research is that prenatal stress, stress suffered by the pregnant mother, is a possible cause of homosexuality in males” (Stevens 2008). What might be the mechanism for this?

Trauma and stress effects can be transmitted to offspring via epigenetic changes. These are gene activity alterations, rather than DNA sequence changes. This explains the phenomenon of “intergenerational transmission of trauma”, notably present in the children of Holocaust survivors (McKee 2016). So, the mutability of gene activity (called “methylation”) is critically important here:

Methylation turns off certain sections of genetic code. So even though we inherit two copies of every gene – one from our mother, one from our father – whether the gene is methylated often determines which of the two genes will be turned on. Methylation is inherited, just as DNA is. But unlike DNA, which has an enzyme that proofreads both the original and the copy to minimize errors, methylation has no built-in checks. It can change from one generation to the next and may be influenced by diet or environment (Abrams 2007).


The research article: “Prenatal endocrine influences on sexual orientation and on sexually differentiated childhood behavior” (Hines 2011) appears to be a literature review examining “the evidence regarding prenatal influences of gonadal steroids on human sexual orientation, as well as sex-typed childhood behaviors that predict subsequent sexual orientation.” (ibid.)

In summary:

The evidence supports a role for prenatal testosterone exposure in the development of sex-typed interests in childhood, as well as in sexual orientation in later life… given that testosterone plays an important role in the development of most, perhaps all, behavioral sex differences in other species (ibid.).


It appears, however, that other factors, in addition to hormones, play an important role in determining sexual orientation. These factors have not been well-characterized, but possibilities include direct genetic effects, and effects of maternal factors during pregnancy. Although a role for hormones during early development has been established, it also appears that there may be multiple pathways to a given sexual orientation outcome and some of these pathways may not involve hormones (ibid.).

Recall: “many of the body’s functions are thrown out of whack, resulting in a depletion of the body’s resources, weakening and possible failure of the immune system, the pituitary gland can not produce enough stress hormones, and other negative health effects” (Stevens 2008). So DEFICITS in developmental hormones may cause sexuality issues, with the TIMING of those deficits (and the timing of punctuated hormone production) being another associated factor.


Several general principles of organizational influences are worth noting.  One is that they typically occur during critical, or sensitive, periods of development, and these periods occur at times when testosterone is elevated in developing male animals. One implication of this general principle is that the hormone must be present at the appropriate time to have its effect. If it is present too early or too late, the impact will not be the same. In addition, although present only briefly, the impact of exposure to the hormone at the appropriate time can persist across the lifespan. These early, time-linked, persistent effects are thought to occur because hormones direct some aspects of neural development during early life [3], influencing cell survival, neuroanatomical connectivity and neurochemical specification [97] (Hines 2011).

Finally: “Maternal factors during pregnancy” (ibid.) introduce the potential for psyche trauma as an additional influence on sexuality.  Note: “some of these pathways may not involve hormones” (ibid.).

The cloud of potential influences on the developing fetus has thus expanded exponentially, while strictly direct and indirect, more physical chemical influences settle in to a fitting, logical and research supported prescription as a pronounced causative factor in sexuality, and gender dysfunction.



As early as April of 1998, the Journal of the American Medical Association quietly released a special report that revealed puzzling news.  The number of males born in industrialized nations has dropped dramatically since 1970, constituting a serious reversal in earlier trends.  Records up to 2014 show that trend continuing.

Human male births have always held a marginal advantage, probably Nature’s way of insuring that enough of the somewhat more physically vulnerable male infants will survive.  Earlier last century, between 1900 and 1950, typically as many as 106 males to every 100 female babies were born, probably because obstetrical practices improved so much that more male babies survived pregnancy and delivery.  Census figures after 1970 indicate a trend reversal, a significant reduction in the number of little boys born.  Today in industrialized nations, including Canada, the U.S.A., Sweden, and the Netherlands, that ratio has dropped significantly, a shift which over four decades translates to at least one male less in 1000 births or about 80,000-100,000 fewer males in a population as large as the U.S.A.  Over the world that adds up significantly, creating a red flag for humanity.

…While it may seem counter-intuitive, top environmental scientists say these little boys may be being born female.

This disturbing and unnatural alteration in sex ratio represents a potential threat to both our species survival and our cultural norms if the trend continues.  And because scientists have identified a clear and reversible cause for this change, they have designated the shift a “sentinel health event,” a significant and preventable change in world health.  The decline gives no hint of slowing; male numbers appear to be progressively decreasing in proportion to girls.  The culprits?  Synthetic chemicals pretending to be hormones, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). (Potter 2017)


Now that we have established a possible mechanism by which epigenetic changes can occur, is there any real evidence of sexuality being influenced by stress?

G. Dörner, a researcher, used the general structure of WWII and focused on Germany.  He attempted a study to see if there was a correlation between extreme stress in pregnant mothers and the rate of homosexuality in males born before, during and after the war:

Out of 865 homosexual males studied, significantly more were of them were born between the critical period of the war (“between 1941 and 1947- with a maximum in 1944-1945”) than in the years before or after the “critical period” (Dörner 1983). These findings spurred a second study by Dörner, which yielded similar results. In this second study, Dörner used a sample of 100 bi- or homosexual men and 100 heterosexual men. In turn, each was asked about possible stressful life events that took place in his mother’s life during her pregnancy with him.  The findings were as follows:

1. Out of 100 heterosexual males only 6 heterosexuals reported on moderate stressful events that have occurred in their prenatal life, while none of them described severe stressful events in prenatal life, even after consulting their parents.
2. Out of 40 bisexual men 10 bisexuals (=25%) described moderate and 6 bisexuals (=15%) even severe stressful events that have occurred in prenatal life.
3. Out of 60 homosexual men 20 homosexuals (=33.3%) reported on moderate and 21 homosexuals (=35%) even on severe stressful events that have occurred during their prenatal life. (Dörner 1983) (Stevens 2008).

An interesting correlation was thus established, at least in terms of these studies with their inherent flaws.

It is clear that there are “multiple pathways to a given sexual orientation outcome” (Hines 2011), however most of the possible pathways appear to be actionable and dynamic within a pre-conception and embryonic/fetal level, rather than impacting after birth.

“NATURE” as it directly impacts on the embryo (including a pre-birth type of “nurture” or psyche/stress influence), rather than a strict form of post-birth “NURTURE” should therefore be viewed as the prime causative regime propelling so many unfortunate children into a tragic and often brutal set of sexuality and gender issues, in a harsh and judgemental world that often does not generally understand that YOU ARE BORN THAT WAY.

It may well be the case that transgender and other LGBTIQ dynamics and outcomes are structured around a combination of chemical pollution (industrial, agricultural, food additives and drug/medication) and psychological stressors, factors that “manufacture” innocents who are born that way.




Note: https://www.susans.org/2015/04/11/fallbrook-california-transgender-teen-dead-in-apparent-suicide/#comment-940 (Matt 2015b); 13 March 2016.

My Reply to the above article:

No school support for Taylor means no understanding and no recognition of LGBTQ issues in an institution that is supposed to “educate”…  So NO education was available, apparently, in-class in terms of sociology issues examined, gender issues, and Environmental Health issues, particularly those such as Endocrine Disruptor chemicals which affect gender. Taylor’s school is tragically representative of too many educational and sociological “black holes”, places of so-called learning where LGBTQ issues, both societal and personal, are neither studied effectively in class or supported via counselling. These are places where abuse reigns free, and the LGBTQ student is left to fend for themselves.

Don’t blame, shame or disparage Trans people, and thus brutally re-crucify your brothers and sisters time and time again, whenever you might make a snide remark or offer a negative look. Is it your responsibility or job description to police sexuality and add to the trauma Trans people have suffered all their lives, leaving them prone to suicidal ideation because of the relentless onslaught they’ve experienced from their peers since earliest childhood?


Note: https://www.susans.org/2015/05/08/teen-commits-suicide-days-coming-transgender/ (Matt 2015c); 8 May 2015.

My Reply (with improvements):

As long as Transgender is erroneously viewed as a psychological problem, group/herd and individual ignorance and lack of education (in LGBTIQ issues, and in the rewarding decency of restraint, learning, understanding and compassion) will fuel the persistent human nature demand for conflict with each other via the dumb excitement and ignorant gratification of a blunt, knee-jerk general theory defense of the stereotypical safety zone of accepted sexual and behavioral normalcy.

In a world infected with massive and increasing industrial loads of toxic chemicals interfering with all environmental and human physiological processes, there is no such thing any more as normal/accepted “sexual and behavioral normalcy”.  We cis-gendered, (presumptuous) self-proclaimed “superiors” can neither hope for, nor demand normalcy in this battered, chemicalized world.  And we should never be aggressive in terms of what we see as normal because then we are essentially fighting and abusing ourselves by extension (and this really IS the definition of “counter-productive”, “dumb”).  Intense psych trauma, even ancient GMO practices and chemical pollution (which has been around since the Romans polluted the whole world with lead from their smelters), can explain a great deal of LGBTIQ presence over time.  All the tortures and stresses that “Nurture” throws at us can then be figuratively added to that great compendium of historical and generational “Nature hurt” that has forever assaulted humankind.



In looking at https://www.susans.org/forums/index.php/topic,193485.new.html#new, I penned the following (with improvements):

You all look absolutely great!  I stand in awe of the courage and perseverance you are all demonstrating. I am not Trans myself, but was drawn to the Trans issue:
1.  From my background in Environmental Health and the perspective of what, toxicologically speaking, influences Transgender (https://poisonedpeople1.wordpress.com/)…
2.  From my PhD studies into Fascism and how ignorance can generate immense hostility toward anything considered sexual in nature…
3.  From my further studies into the spiritual motivators of human history and attitudes toward sex, the persistent shaming and defaming of sex, and the locked in, bigoted demand — in this heavily polluted world — that all lifeforms still be “pure”, ONLY male or female.  All this, even though all animal and human sexuality AND reproductivity is industrially under attack, essentially in a disturbing form of orchestrated global Extinction Level Event.  So, WHILE all life processes are under attack in this comprehensive, global fashion, what symptoms should we reasonably expect to appear?

If the Trans issue is caused by interferences in the “CONTINUUM development” of the embryo when CONTINUUM-critical hormonal actions fail at certain, set-in-stone and irreversible points, then you ARE certainly born that way.  You have had no say in the matter.  I feel that this distortion of planetary environmental health has created a tragically difficult sexuality and gender spectrum that struggles to survive just outside the dual, strict default of male and female.  That spectrum or continuum is an expression of the survival hardiness of reproduction.  In other words, if strictly mind-body male or strictly mind-body female is not possible (each of these hard dualities in a chemically and biologically stable world tends toward being inflexibly coded for the purpose and imperative of reproduction), then something rather more challenging will be bravely created and populated instead.  And perhaps also, in looking at all things as a long-term spiritual “positive”, the spectrum is created for the character and education of all who are willing to learn about the spiritual backgrounds of the harsh realities of corporeal life.  I think one needs to be genuinely enlightened to see and value what’s inside a person rather than ignorantly and aggressively discriminate against the Trans phenomenon based on unrealistic demands for strict physical perfection in a grossly contaminated world.

No, you are not psycho, and you do not have a psychiatric condition excepting by virtue of the (sometimes killer) stress imposed by others. They are the ones imposing their CRIPPLING IGNORANCE on you, the struggling HERO (or heroine). You are struggling in a world where toxic technology is largely worshiped in sheer ignorance, and the effects of chemical technologies on sexuality are unknown to most people.



Wed. 13 July 2016

I mostly agree with this NaturalNews post, excepting for Point #1: “He’s a dude pretending to be a woman.” Not only is the quick and unexamined use of the term “dude” a heartless contradiction of another’s statements and presentation, and thereby a direct insult (implying that a biological male is up to mischief and is wilfully, inappropriately and stupidly generating a farce and controversy), but it also implies a pathological form of lying and encodes for a readership (and this is a heavy responsibility: writing for the consumption of many) the negative sensibility of witnessing a sick delusion bordering on a psychiatric condition. This use of an insulting term carelessly oversimplifies and mocks real transgender issues, which are genuine environmental and biological issues. Endocrine disruptor chemicals interfere with the hormonal integrity and development of the growing embryo, so A BIOLOGICAL MALE CHILD CAN BE BORN WITH A FEMALE MIND (http://wp.me/p2DVqC-87). A female body can host a male mind. The latest research proves this occurs. See: http://www.gendercentre.org.au/resources/polare-archive/archived-articles/pesticides-cause-gender-change.htm.

This is, therefore, a mark against a not-so-developed and advanced world where toxic technology is assertively promoted and casually accepted and worshiped. Where pollution tends to be ignored or thoroughly hidden via the pervasive and pestilent leveraged interests (corruption) of industry. INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION, food technologies (linings inside cans, plastic packaging, preservatives and other additives), fabric treatments, synthetic clothing, toxic (flouro) lighting, synthetic makeup, lotions, sunscreens, deodorants and perfumes, vaccines, illicit drugs and toxic medications, EMF/RF pollution, fracking leachate and air pollution…  This great mass of interferences in human bio development cause most trans problems (with severe psyche trauma for the pregnant mother contributing as well and overlapping into causations regarding homosexuality in male offspring).

Now these developmental problems (for those tragically born into this most intense and inescapable trauma most of us cis-gender individuals cannot imagine) are THEN compounded by a largely hetero society that ignores the industrial reality of this pervasive chemicalization of all our inventing, living and doing.   The universal contamination of this entire Planet (not an achievement to be proud of) is all too easily ignored IN TERMS OF THIS GENDER ISSUE.  We, on the side of a world destroying industrial complex, glibly mock the transgendered without studying the science behind the causes.  Critical looks, name-calling, jokes, internet abuse, physical abuse, BLAME, and then even murder (such as the current genocide against trans in Brazil) result from the shallowest addressing of a biological tragedy brought on by a worshiped industry and its contaminants.  Often, this kind of abuse can be filtered through a religious form of devastating presumption, which can be brutally demeaning and even imprudently fascist in its ultimate derivation and dispensation. Give that kind of totalitarian judgement broad political and military power and you will characteristically see pogroms and other sociological nightmares (Holocausts and Inquisitions) rise up.

We should not contribute to a broad and stupid blame game that puts trans teens under so much cumulative pressure that THEY COMMIT SUICIDE!  See again: https://www.susans.org/2015/04/11/fallbrook-california-transgender-teen-dead-in-apparent-suicide/#comment-940 and https://www.susans.org/2015/05/08/teen-commits-suicide-days-coming-transgender/.  How you LOOK at a trans person, your WORDS, INSULTING GENERALIZATIONS, JOKES, SLURS (“she’s a dude!”), NEGATIVE/ATTACKING INTERNET COMMENTS, BLAME RHETORIC, IMPLICATION OF SITUATED INTRINSIC EVIL (what, in a 6 year old trans child insisting they are mentally different to their assigned/biological sex???) and actual PHYSICAL ABUSE all add to the potential of these poor victims of globalist toxic industry to choose SUICIDE to escape their tormenters.  Adding venom to others’ discrimination adds to the potential for OPPORTUNISTIC ATTACKS or worse, an organized pogrom, a pathetic attempt at generating a clinically fantasized form of “purity”.

This particular (Trans) gender issue just goes to show how well toxics manage to hide their actions and leverage maximum social friction and conflict (as if by design…).  If you presume that the repeated social presentation of Trans is, and can only be, representative of a total lie (somehow independently taken on by thousands of people worldwide who do not know each other, and who may be, in fact, only small children when they start consistently and persistently demanding a gender identity at odds with their biology) rather than A GENUINE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM DEMONSTRATING AN UNDERLYING CAUSATIVE TRUTH, then you will be contributing in a wholly destructive manner to the trauma experienced by those being called liars and delusional.  You will have assisted, especially, in the suicide demise of fragile young people trying to make sense out of their tragic immersion in the asynchronous incomprehensibility of their gender plight.

We must not dismiss a trans person bravely struggling with a monstrously awkward issue that we – perhaps as a person luckily assigned a normal, integrated being at birth – would truly not wish on our worst enemy! Imagine: as a small and growing child, and then a confused teen, not understanding why your mentality never comfortably meshed with the body you were born into and the sexual framework you were then expected by parents and society to agree with and engage in all areas of life. Imagine, then discovering that you were, for example, actually a GIRL inside the body of a BOY. What an epiphany that would be! A lifetime’s childhood engulfment inside ABSOLUTE CONFUSION, IRRITATION AND STRESS translated suddenly into SENSE.

Causations in this muddy world of paradigmatic level lies are WELL HIDDEN, so we – as a largely floundering society of ignorant mortals crying out for real sense – can barely ever agree across the board on any subject. We hardly ever manage to find, define and address real cause and effect, and this leaves our desperate attempts to highlight and codify truth as an unfortunate stage and rage of maximum confusion, reactivity and conflict on a global scale.



The following note refers specifically to a statement in the article: NO, GOD ISN’T TRANSGENDER, TIMES OP-ED PIECE IS HISTORICAL REVISIONISM AT ITS WORST, by Robert A. J. Gagnon (https://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2016/08/no-god-isnt-transgender).

The important foundational statement in the above article: ““transgender”—which refers to a person’s abandoning his or her birth sex for a self-constructed and distorted self-image”, is completely wrong.

Transgender is a genuine medical and biological problem caused by endocrine (hormone) disruptor chemicals from pesticides, food additives and the like interfering with the normally integrated (synchronous) assignment of brain and body gender in the developing embryo. As such, a critical “asynchronicity” has developed where the biological body does not match the brain gender of the unfortunate individual. In more and more studies now, trans-gender children clearly and consistently demonstrate (without coaching) the clarity and truth of their gender asynchronicity by demanding that they be accepted as identifying with a brain/mind core gender that does not match their physical, biological gender. These kids are not lying, because they have no agenda. They are innocent, and they are simply telling the truth. See: https://poisonedpeople1.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/transgender-gender-asynchronicity-what-causes-it/

It is industrial pollution, or technological pollution, that causes the bulk of transgender.

What the fight against trans reveals, however, just like the perennial fight of the hyped-up righteous religious against homosexuality (which, when caused by massive pre-birth psyche trauma in the mother is yet another example of an individual genuinely being “born that way”), is a very subtle and powerfully convincing obsession with deep conflict and the maintaining of a permanent rage against the perceived universal enemy, sex (the maintenance of a vast lie).  For these highly combative individuals there must always be someone else they are identifying as one of humanity’s intrinsic SPIRITUAL enemies, a type of deviant who is definitely going to hell [2] (this numbering will be explained below).

One could validly assert that powerfully incorporated and instituted lies, in terms of the truly dark and evil potential of this beleaguered world, represent the most important dark prime directive on this planet [1].  And this corporate lying (based in an insatiable and permanent greed for control, money and power) is especially relevant today with the almost nuclear expansion of the realization that everything we’ve been taught (by the world’s ruling families and, hence, their sponsored industries, governments and educational infrastructures) is wrong.  The Bosnian and Antarctic pyramids and a host of other discoveries (free energy, natural cures for diseases, etc.) show us now that all of our historical, physics, electromagnetic, biological and medical orthodoxies are grossly in error, deficient.

The Great Pathological Lie Of The Ages – that there is something intrinsically wrong with sex – is a broad sexual avenue of thorns that hooks many people into a permanent war against (always) “other” groups of people with horrible sexual issues.

The Great Pathological Lie Of The Ages
is that there is something intrinsically
wrong with sex, and this broad avenue
of thorns hooks many people into a
permanent war against (always) “other”
very naughty people with sexual issues

In this perverse spiritual dynamic souped up to maximize conflict, the enemies of righteousness become your own people: your brother, your sister, uncle, and anyone that appears to confirm that we are in the disgustingly distorted End Times.  Sexuality and gender are typically used and abused by all who participate in the immortally persistent shaming and defaming of sex (the greatest gift of God to humanity) on all levels [3], to doggedly confirm the existence of a great well and prime signature of pre Return perversion.  With this strategy duplicated each generation, you could characterize the demonic realm as sitting back and laughing at all the “good” humans righteously rampaging on their behalf, gasping and suspecting all the “other” (again) filthy humans “over there” in Perversion Land of being notoriously evil and recalcitrant sex perverts gathering their forces to defile as many people as possible before the Return of Christ.

So, what I am suggesting above is that there exists at least 3 major “Prime Directives” of the demonic realm:
[1] Permanent Support of a Global, Institutionalized Umbrella of Lies
[2] Permanent Conflict and Accusation
[3] Permanent War against Sex

All the above-noted cacaphony of biting represents a sexualized, demonizing and conflictual negative spiritual orthodoxy that no-one with any reasonable depth of intelligence should believe from the perspectives of:
1. a conflict dynamic that challenges and makes a lie out of – by virtue of the obscene levels of religious venom generated – the very core teaching of God’s unassailable compassion and Love;
2. especially in terms of Trans, our now more advanced understanding of Environmental Health and the impact of pollution on embryos.


What I have noticed lately online is that the ingrained, conflictual, obsessive compulsive, let’s-burn-them-all-at-the-stake, negatively discriminatory opinions of the religious in terms of sexual subject matter (the droning historical defamation against sex) will not accept information and understanding.  There you find the real recalcitrance of a blind form of presumption, a personally institutionalized WRONG “knowing” that is properly identified as, in fact, sheer ignorance, a raft of adversarial ideas blindly accepted, and a personal sexual belief system of unbridled BLAME never really questioned.  This speaks of a lack of spiritual meta systemic self analyses: thinking about our thinking that is negatively spiritually influenced by the power of living (though deathly), unexamined orthodoxies of perception and interpretation.

Outwardly, this self righteous discrimination is more visible as an automatic claiming of some kind of moral high ground via a “spiritual/moral” form of hyper vigilance: a puritanical form of religiosity and certainty of knowing/feeling/indignation; a personal expectation that sexy enemies are surely always just around the corner, and simmering in their own juices as they wantonly assist in attacking and eroding civilization. This overall problem of presumption describes a lack of awareness of the corporatization and mode of truly evil evil.  It describes a blanket choice made in favor of particular, distorted and delusional issues rather than a framing and core appreciation of the broad and powerful base of God’s Love and our altruistic potential.

The Trans phenomenon, via the
agency of the Internet, represents

The growing Transgender phenomenon should never be automatically and shallowly interpreted as confirming evidence of a prophetically expected, gender dysphoric explosion of sexualized perversion in the End Times, a volcanic and prophetic upwelling of filthy sexual lava that threatens our schools, restrooms, personal sexuality and crotches, and our delicate religious sensibilities. The Trans phenomenon is, in fact, via the agency of the Internet, representative of THE RELEASE OF A BURIED PROBLEM, and should be heartily welcomed!

Apart from the inevitable historical appearances of gender dysphoria in an always distorted world, there has been a massive time lag between the spread of endocrine disruptor chemical pollution in this modern chemicalized age and its gradual, insidious insertion into our (and the animal kingdom’s) metabolic frames of reference, or critical lines of developmental communication, TO THRESHOLD LEVELS OF EFFECT.

This world has been too dumb and industry has kept toxicities too well concealed, for us to collectively understand the planetary environmental health implications of what many have assumed was solely a psychiatric problem and a marker of civilization decline and prophecy.  We have remained uneducated, unsophisticated, and reactively abusive, particularly in terms of religion and the Trans issue, hence why so many Trans people have felt the need, in terms of family tolerance and personal safety, to remain hidden away for so long.  For shame!  All those who revel in their luxurious cis-gender normalcy (who have minds that match their biological designation) should wake up to the real world of chemical toxicities and appreciate the entire concept of Environmental & Human Health, and embryonic sexual development.

The dark, corporatized and militarized perversion of Science, overt and covert Government totalitarianism, Law Enforcement out of control, Medicine and Big Pharma bias and profits, Food Processing additives, Drugs, Mining, and especially Agricultural Practices (e.g. toxic pesticides and GMO) possess infinitely greater potential for sickness, disease and Extinction Level Event planetary destruction than any psychological, sex related subject of supposed End Times moral doom!  The Transgender issue inside and outside of religion has been wholly inaccurately interpreted, co-opted and “zombie-fied”, and would be infinitely more accurately understood as a challenge to uneducated cis-gender people’s awareness of Environmental Health, and their personal genuine internalization of concepts of true, compassionate love.

Transgender is not a perverted
signature of degeneracy on a global
religious moral compass and End
Of The World timeline

Transgender is not a psychiatric issue, excepting where the uneducated, conflict-addicted, irrational, dumb and vicious abusers of all subjects sexual or gender oriented convince, for tragic example, a young Trans person that they are so distorted, worthless and evil that they should kill themselves (a typical, brutal and maniacal Facebook rant).

Transgender is not a perverted signature of degeneracy on a global religious moral compass and End Of The World timeline.  Transgender is not a planet or morals destroyer.

Transgender is an industrial issue (we are so dumb with our science we poison everything including gender assignment in the womb).

Transgender is a technological issue, a chemical pollution issue, a biological issue, an hormonal issue, a human/embryonic developmental issue, a medical issue.

Transgender is neither a moral nor a Court issue.

And, like everything else human, Transgender is immersed inside difficult social issues that often lead people into incorrect interpretations.  Transgender is ultimately, in the end analysis, a supreme test of Intellect, Character and Love for everyone.  We are all in school.  Do our grades show we dumbly favor a permanent war against innocents brutalized by chemicals in utero?

A contributor to another Gagnon (2015) essay’s Comments section (https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2015/10/how-should-christians-respond-to-the-transgender-phenomenon) stated the following: “My argument though for the church is that we do need to be loving, we do need to call sin, sin… God is going to judge the selfish man in the same way he will judge the gender dysmorphic…”.  Also: “It is not our job to judge these people and tell them they are condemned…”

My response to the above was:


BTW, we are already in hell last time I checked…

Also, you said: “God is going to judge the selfish man in the same way he will judge the gender dysmorphic”.  Note you said (for emphasis): “he will judge the gender dysmorphic”. You sound pretty certain of that.

And THEN you said: “It is not our job to judge these people and tell them they are condemned”.

“…AND TELL THEM THEY ARE CONDEMNED”??  YOU’VE JUST TOLD THEM!!  Way to go “NOT” judging Trans people!  You are capable only of very thinly veiling your UTTER HATRED of Trans people and the sins you imagine they’re all getting up to…

My larger response was (with additional material added for this Essay):

What sin?!!  Who is sinning when they are born with a mind that does not match their body?  The true “sin” belongs with the industries that have generated the Endocrine Disruptor chemicals that have caused the in utero hormonal shift leading to gender dysphoria.  The true “sin” lies where Monsanto and the like have created Agent Orange, PCBs, Glyphosate (often called “Satan’s Molecule”), and GMO pollution: THAT is true, greedy, anti-environmental, anti-public health, anti-Planetary health “sin”, indeed a kind of global treason against the entire Planet and all who live on it.

However, I think what you might be calling “sin” is the superficial appearance of homosexual attraction, and then the physical act of sexual intercourse that religious people typically get really, really obsessed with…  Here, for example, a Trans MTF (Male To Female) person who has not had their penis surgically removed might engage in anal intercourse because their core (true, fixed permanent, actual, mental, spiritual) FEMALE mind is heterosexually attracted to a cis-gender (“normal” biological) male.  So, in reality, the true mental and spiritual core of this religious dirty dynamic (as you see it) is, in fact, a heterosexual relationship, even though both participants have biologically male bodies and therefore, due to no fault of their own, can only engage in actual ANAL intercourse if intercourse is part of what they wish to share with each other (not all Trans relationships have overt sex as a feature).

So, there’s the “rub” (pardon the naughty pun…).  Will you obsess over the material DETAIL of anal intercourse (which, BTW, a great many heteros absolutely love) to the exclusion of what is the actual central, loving, mental dynamic occurring between the two people?  Will you play a very nasty take on “God” and:
1. REVILE these people, or
2. DEMAND they split up, or
3. DEMAND psyche counseling for either or both, or
4. DEMAND incarceration in a psyche ward and the forced administration of psychoactive medication or chemical castration or electroshock ‘therapy’?

Will YOU as the critic become the true psychiatric case in this overall equation of morally policing, identifying and disinfecting supposed perversion?

How will you get the power yourself, or support that ‘cleansing’ power being given to… WHOM? To what authority? And will that authority be benevolent, or totalitarian and scarifying? How will they know when to stop ‘cleaning’ the perversion?! Recapping: how will you ensure that all the so-called Trans perversion can be authoritatively cleaned up… so that you can be happy and unthreatened on Planet Not-Your-Cup-Of-Tea? Do YOU really want to step into the breach and add your clinical, warped, OCD distaste and, indeed fascism, critically interfering brutally with the kindergarten “school” framework we are part of? Are you really THAT intelligent and masterful?

If you are going to IGNORE what I have shown as the true toxicological and developmental realities of the global, industrial, Environmental Health Trans situation – that their plight is not of their making, that they’re INNOCENT, and that they have an intrinsic RIGHT to be who they think they are and be in relationships – then you can only be to one degree or another, at worst aggressive (deludedly fascist), and at least monumentally insulting (like refusing to call the Trans person what they wish to be addressed as). You will then heartlessly be adding to the daily torments of repudiation and abuse Trans people have to endure. Your comment, or frown, or noticeable negative attitude “on that day” may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back ON THAT DAY in that poor tortured soul’s life. Suicide.

And you would call yourself good and religious, when you have expressed such self confident, overweening levels of sheer, unbridled ignorance about this Trans issue? Do you not know that the Love of God comes before ALL else? Even before your presumptuous and self righteous co-opting of God, and declaring (for Him) His unwavering support for your tiny and nasty human perspectives and causes. Even before your most horrendously erroneous judgement that seeks to somehow technically “fix” or punish (preempting God) the naughty, perverse, sexy, Trans “problem”…





On https://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2015/11/understanding-gender-dysphoria-a-reply-to-gagnon#comment-2849886618, a reply was made (to a comment I had previously posted) thus:

“To prevent “suicidal ideation” we promote silly lies.  Sounds like a great plan for humanity’s future.  The Truth sets us free, not lies.  “But the truth hurts too much!  It makes me want to die!”  Guess what?  We all suffer from that.”

My reply (with additional material) to the above was:

xxx, the truth is that toxic hormone disrupting chemicals cause Transgender.  You seem to be missing that critically important point.  You seem to believe still that Transgender is a psychiatric issue, and that I am promoting the concealment of a vast psychiatric problem through “silly lies” that hide the truth, and which then cause reality problems with Trans.

First, if you are happy to not be, in the first order of things, mercifully compassionate toward their situation instead of demonstrating a blockish confrontation and recalcitrance that essentially tells the toxicological gender victim that you don’t care if they are suffering, then you must have some measure of personal confidence in your unassailable stance.

However, I would suggest that this level of humility would be advantageous: “I don’t know a lot about toxicology and embryonic development, so I will study this hormone disruptor side of the pro argument in favor of Trans before I unleash any further condemnation toward Trans.”

Secondly, you must also be confident in being thus recalcitrant, or obliquely dismissive, or even somewhat harsh and uncompassionate toward Trans.  In other words, you must know something of an authoritative nature or a  determined Biblical source that supports a necessary “MY demand for my truth [despite sociological research and toxicological/drug evidence to the contrary; see below] – and if necessary an abrasive repudiation of patient compassion – above all else” position.

At church, or at work, would you greet a Trans person the way they wish to be greeted?  No?  Some say they would not use a gender changed name or the gender pronouns that a Trans person would wish to be addressed as.  What a slap in the face that would be!

In that case you would be achieving less than a Walmart greeter.

Is your church entrance or workplace going to become a nasty place where Trans are weeded out and treated with contempt?  Exclusion creates anathematized minority groups that can be singled out for “distinctive” or “special attention”…

Sexually, or gender-phobic, or religiously-framed and justified violence is on the same vicious human nature spectrum as religious presumption, religious disdain, religious intolerance, and incorporated/organized (even textually institutionalized) religious hatred, condemnation, and beheadings.

And all this represents a “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel” dynamic.  It involves the extreme end of that spectrum, the end that leads to the religiously attractive and convincing seeking of that vast and righteous, quickly sliding (like a sudden landslide) abomination: the technical, clinical “fix” (the supposed small “perfection” of the strained gnat through human effort), but which abruptly slides into a Final Solution for the supposed problem.  There is not much distance (in terms of the speed at which inflammatory issues can evolve) between the repudiation of undesirable Trans persons and a genocidal pogrom.  Politically and religiously, especially today in the face of fast-paced false flag events, BLAME can be easily applied to any minority group through intense and repetitive argument and edict.

One of the worst and least appreciated negatives of not compassionately addressing Trans, or banning Trans, or beating up Trans, or murdering Trans (as in Brazil), or burning, shooting or beheading ANY defined or suspected “guilty” category of people, is that these actions are slate wipers of both human diversity and opportunities for people to commune and learn and grow in understanding.  While fear, revilement and separation reign supreme, connection, empathy, compassion and cooperation cannot ensue.

If you separate away from a people, or if you kill off a people, you will then culture, as a function of that blind separation, the grey homogeneity of a vastly lesser experience of life (less people = less reproduction = less personalities = less creativity = less learning) in that arena being addressed by the disaffection, detachment, or slayings.

The raw ground material (within this continuum of opportunity or deficit) for developing character in the living is in all those peoples (an infinitude of potential interactions, surprise and innovation) who are deemed difficult and undesirable.  The genocide of difficult issues thus reinforces the habituation of the blunt elimination of possible interactions, responses and learning as minds that should be ebulliently creative fall to the ease and trauma of the simplicity and brutality of the “fix”, the scouring actions leading to the silence and void coming out of the resulting incarcerations, or chemical castrating, or sidelining and minimizing, or tortures and deaths: the homogenous horror of mass deficits.  “Greyness” characterizes this kind of world as it has done so under any form of totalitarianism.

On a very side – but actually related – note, the demonic realm of immortal sameness is said to be “grey”, hence why conversation between vampires in movies and TV series often intersects the observation that short-lived human passion is so appealing to them.

Note: the “sociological research and toxicological/drug evidence to the contrary” noted above was the material I put in SECTION 1.0, at the beginning of this Essay.



My following comment (with additional material added) immediately below this paragraph is in reply to a forum contributor’s notes on the subjects of: “Kevin Jennings, GLSEN and Fistgate”.  This person’s comment was deleted (along with mine) apparently for being too long, though the highly personal nature of their comment may have contributed also. This person noted that he was a child prostitute in New York in the 60s.  He felt that the research I have used in this Essay to support my case for Transgender being a biological and not a moral or psychiatric issue is as bankrupt as the research that appeared from the 60s onward, research that – according to him – supported aspects of a highly perverse “men “liberating” boys sexually”” mentality.  He noted, with great concern, that boys can be brainwashed by repeated indoctrination, and that the “Kevin Jennings, GLSEN and Fistgate” issue was an horrific governmental and institutionalized extension of such doctrines that arose out of said bankrupt research.  He was therefore not a fan of research and appeared to be very emotionally biased in that regard.  My answer to his sad revelation is:

Yes, I agree that neuroplasticity can achieve amazing brain structure and function transformations (including spontaneous and slower forms of healing as many medicos will sometimes obliquely and reluctantly admit), even diabolically horrible permutations from distorted “education”.  And I’m sure that what you say is happening in American schools (I’m Australian, so don’t have your local background knowledge) must be, to one degree or another, occurring.  That’s because CONFLICT and confusion is a prime directive for genuinely real and resident dark forces on this miserable “possessed” world.  So, anything that causes life-long confusion, trauma and conflict will be promoted and given great power by those forces.  But the Transgender I’m aware of is not that which arises out of a brain that is “malleable and changeable not only by repetitive behavior, but by repetitive thoughts, which means that sexual behavior and sexual thoughts change the brain”.  The Trans I refer to throughout my statements is the Trans and dysphoria that appears spontaneously and honestly in affected children, and that which cannot be resolved, then, BY coercion or manipulation of any variety (as so often occurs when parents try to force a preferred gender identity in their highly resistant and assertive child).

“…anal intercourse is ALWAYS a sadomasochistic act…”  Your comment sounds a bit like a Universal law and I don’t believe many Trans (or cis-gender heteros for that matter) would necessarily agree with that given their passion and certainty for their gender asynchronicity (but I don’t have on-the-ground, intimate knowledge of this because I am neither a gay male, nor Trans).  I do feel that many hetero couples would be upset if you somehow made anal sex illegal (I jest), because the female anus can have a great many nerve endings around and in it making it possible for some ladies to orgasm via anal penetration.  Sex is what you make of it, and you do admit that anal sex can be very pleasurable.  I note here that the whole of a woman’s body is an erogenous zone, so no body part is off-limits for sexual pleasure.

Yes, I’m sure the entire notion of “men “liberating” boys sexually”” is ESPECIALLY utterly reprehensible to you, given your sad background.  Any kind of fraud against children and their innocence is abominable.  You have obviously been heavily traumatized, and perhaps it has left you with block reservations, limitations and broad, automatic and explosive presumptions (congrats, though, if you have been able to function effectively in this world; quite an achievement).  I sense a negative mental block is represented by your statement: “Now they are teaching boys in sex ed these ridiculous fairy tales that you are now telling me about transgendered when I haven’t yet recovered from the existential nausea that the phony scientists promoting gay sexual acts as a good impose on us, and are now being taught as a good to children in schools, violently putting those children at risk.”

Your trauma and your ongoing and difficult recovery (more power to you), though exceedingly regrettable, should not be permitted to cause – via the anvil of heavy emotional distress – a censure of future enlightening educational possibilities, such as good quality SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH THAT IS UNCOVERING A HIDDEN ISSUE DESPERATELY NEEDING COMPASSION.  What is being reformatted here by these amazing new research findings is that dumb form of erroneous presumption that all-too-often backgrounds and perpetuates popular opinion.

It may be that your background makes it impossible to accept that gender asynchronicity can happen.  You may be making a direct association between what you believe about homosexuality and what you presume regarding gender dysphoria issues, and such are the limitations of traumatized minds.  These kind of blocks tend to hem in our thinking (or, better, reacting) and obstruct us from unfettered, independent and innovative thought.  We are all very restricted in what we can endure, process, unlearn, and learn anew. And I still can’t fathom how you relate the traumas of the particular homosexual experiences that were forced upon you to Trans.  To me, the two are entirely different issues, unless I have particular and heavy limitations in my thinking in this area.

And, yes, literary agents and industry sponsored science will both tend to do their utmost to present a wholly distorted image of reality, as is the case on this, the “Planet of the Lies”.  That biased reality may generate sexual convenience for a powerful group.  That reality, that popular and institutionalized indoctrination, may make a lot of money, hence why anyone else generating an actual contrary truth (or even just facts) will likely either be defamed and lose their job, or even be assassinated (as occurs globally regarding natural disease cures and free energy inventions).  But not all scientists and literary agents are corrupt.  And bad science in the 60s etc. does not of itself generate an immutable law making all sexual and gender sociological studies beyond that time automatically flawed and corrupt.  When you have sociological studies allowing uncoerced children to assert their own honest minds, then you’re on to something very interesting.

I Googled “Kevin Jennings, GLSEN and Fistgate” as you suggested, and yes: disgusting. Corporatized evil. And I have found a copy of Jennie Livingston’s documentary, “Paris is Burning”, and look forward to watching it.


Human Nature rides on a continuum, or sits on a spectrum of behavioral potential.  The small things become much larger if the freedom and power to act on those small things are magnified.  So, if we demonstrate fine character in small things, then we will likely demonstrate fine character if we are given greater responsibilities.

Conversely, if someone with an antagonistic attitude toward a group, only has the power to write (and perhaps unfortunately influence [OR, put another way, give opportunity for those possessing similar poor character to reveal themselves, and be tested more overtly in their further development, or decline]), and in that small matter they demonstrate a continuing abusive attitude toward people, then you would NOT want to give that person any kind of absolute authority.

Character revealed in small matters (Luke 16:10 and 19:17; I Cor 6:2; Mat 25:23; Luke 12:48), if abusive, exposes an individual (and hopefully not a group) as the kind of person who inwardly wishes to possess (“possess” here being a very appropriate word, in terms of subtle and persuasive, yet inwardly raging, demonic influence), fashion and ventilate the vengeance reserved for God alone, now, in this age, which is not appropriate because none of us have the spiritual credentials for that level of judgement.


We are witnessing brutal attacks on the viability of this Planet on all levels.  This especially:

  1. via the monumentally vicious fascist dynamics of pollution through industrially imposed fracking on private lands (as an example of mining totalitarianism),
  2. via sickening (literally) GMO transgene and pesticide contamination of the global environment (as an example of agricultural mad “science” totalitarianism),
  3. via toxic chemical pollution which is threatening the intrinsic reproductive viability of mankind in toxicologically and metabolically distorting ways that cannot be remotely compared to the frequently raised point and observation of a general lack of reproduction via homosexuality,
  4. and via the global wireless pollution pandemic of EMF and RF contamination with the explosion of cell phone and satellite dish technologies (which cause the blood-brain barrier to leak), just to name a few threats.  These are monsters of threats to the whole of Mankind and the entire Planet.

And Transgender is NOT one of them.  Transgender is NOT and cannot ever be construed as a sexual perversion because a chemically distorted, catastrophic gender assignment accident from pollution or toxic medications resulting in a gender asynchronicity CAN ONLY CREATE INNOCENT VICTIMS.  Victims, not sexual monsters that need to be identified, blamed (for something, maybe everything?), harassed, and perhaps even put down.

When looking for blame, cumulative concerns over moral issues can be easily inflamed by the politico-religious desperation of times typically experienced inside collapsing civilizations, and this is exactly what we see today (and have witnessed throughout history). When globally powerful industries see a clash of civilizations just ahead, expect religion and monolithic government to combine. Before these much greater nightmares appear, and within our current much smaller – but no less virulent – demand today for some form of totalitarian religious technical fix to insubstantial perceived “sexual threats”, are located the metaphysical seeds that threaten the lives and liberty of LGBTIQ minorities, but NOT on a basis of Love.

Religion and politics can justify ANY variety and level of penalty for whatever kind of sin it believes is present, or whatever perceived threat can be fabricated.  Inquisitions and pogroms without a doubt are a potential end game for an obsession with control and a fixation on man-made sexual and gender “perfection” (strangely demanded in a grossly imperfect world, something that truly speaks of a “clinical fix delusion”).  But this kind of man-made and ungodly fantasy and wrangling can only be imagined and imposed (without any possibility of “success”) via the worst of brutalities.  And here we often fail to recognize that smaller worries over the world’s favorite shame and defame subject, “sex”, are a signature of two critically important contributing dynamics:

1. A small but convincing attitude of “doing God’s work” in condemning an assumed sexual perversion is on a continuum or spectrum of fascist disorders that become all the more pathological and dangerous the more people share the alarm and desperation of the times.

Note also that some people vicariously experience feelings of sexual arousal and, all-too-often and infinitely worse, fleeting but eruptive notions of addictive superiority with the generation of a herd-approved form of “righteous” (guiltless, virtuous, worthy) condemnatory zeal. A powerful emotional “flush” or surge of delight and assumed power can signify this psychosomatic response. This addictive arousal and inflationary notion of moral high ground, elitism, superiority and zealousness is ultimately a distorted intellectual, emotional and physiological reaction that becomes, after the experience, insubstantial and hollow, hence why the “fix” of further condemnation opportunities will be persistently sought after. That kind of zeal is incorrectly attributed to the working of God and should serve as a warning to the flushed religious elites that they are being misled by empty feelings.

2. Being thus misled (as humanity as a whole has been misled for thousands of years as it has dumbly “ascended” into authoring – via the crucible of industry – a full on planet-destroying Extinction Level Event) resonates as a signature of an immortal form of persuasive evil that has stalked human nature from the beginning. What the most honest research shows is that we humans started off smart, and then gradually imploded. As Orsen Wells once said: “I started at the top, and worked my way down”. This kind of creeping spiritual degeneracy is apparent when logic, good sense, understanding corporate human nature, compassion and Love all go out the window, forcing – literally – spiritual reason and spiritual viability to have to defend themselves, WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO in a so-called enlightened “Christian” setting. “The greatest of these is love” (I Cor. 13:13). The fact that this Biblical logic of Love is rejected so easily and comprehensively via the vehicle of self-assured volcanic presumption and a concomitant complete lack of toxicological and developmental understanding, and an almost pathological, obstinate unwillingness to recognize this amazing new knowledge (a resistance to good research), shows clearly that something beyond basic, internal human weakness is prevailing over us all, a venom of cruel metaphysical intentions reaching levels, at the close of this industrially, politically and religiously degenerate global civilization, of profound ferocity.


Note: https://www.susans.org/2016/03/09/indonesian-lgbtq-community-living-fear/; 9 March 2016 (Hoogeweij 2016b).

There are invisible forces propelling nations that are culturally inclined towards internal pogroms. This intra-conflict deflects criticism and generates approval. The Holocaust generated its general theory “criminals”, and then Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and the mentally and physically impaired suffered mightily from their label.

The LGBTIQ community are all-too-often made the scapegoats for perceived pressures.  Would that the LGBTIQ-oriented children of all anti LGBTIQ government and religious officials combined their respective voices and called for compassion rather than irrational, inflationary angst, blame, shame, opposition and repression. Would that this kind of universal statement suddenly and comprehensively shocked the drama-fascists in government and religion into a state of reality and, at the very least, a fair and compassionate, realistic and RATIONAL recognition of gender identity and sexuality issues.

When we start assertively talking about God condemning this or that we are always thus situated on a slippery slope.  I believe vengeance and condemnation are truly God’s (because we simply can not handle either competently), and I sincerely hope I will never knowingly participate in the hyper-vigilant rhetoric of the “gentle” slopes leading self-righteously down toward condoning spiritual life-threatening  accusations of spiritual culpability, or worse, genocide.  There’s not much difference between agreeing with others on the condemnation of what we perceive to be a sexual perversion (and Transgender is anything but) deserving of hell fire and demanding the beheading of a heretic.  These fanatical herd mentalities are both on the same spectrum.


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Murray Thompson
* Full-time studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medical Theory, Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture): Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture 1981.
* Professional Artist (Photo-realism & Impressionism: Landscapes & Animals, Oils & Acrylics).
* Website Construction; Website Graphics; Proof Reading.
* Private/Public Study: Dr. Brian Liu (Dip. Acupuncture – Sydney): Acupuncture Massage & Muscle Testing 1986-1988.
* Certificate of Completion, Health Care Worker, Professional Business Colleges of Australia (PBCA) – Blacktown, Sydney 1993.
* Advanced Certificate Farm Technology (Highest Pass for Plant Production Subjects) 1994, Richmond College of TAFE.
* BAppSci Environmental Health 1998 (Top of Degree; Award: Best Overall Graduating Student by Australian Institute of Environmental Health, NSW Division) / Hons I Social Ecology 1999
* Ex Sociology PhD Student (University of Western Sydney PhD Scholarship; PhD studies for 12 years; Thesis all but finished: University failure to enable Big Pharma/Ag-critical Thesis examination), University of Western Sydney).
* Current Research – 1. Environmental Health: Pesticide/Chemical Applications, Movement & Residues; Endocrine Disruptors, Trauma & Gender Dysphoria (e.g. Transgender); GMOs/Endotoxins; EMF/RF; Scalar/Radionics/Geopathic Dynamics (Energy [Plant/Human] Medicine); 2. Japanese/Asian Sociology: Trans or “Newhalf” Sexual Culture.



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